Eton Mess Bombe


  • Strawberries 300 g
  • Cream 200 ml
  • Meringue 100 g
  • Icing sugar 30 g

Cooking Instructions

  1. Firstly, cut 300 g of strawberries and place 150 g of them into the pan. Add 30 g of icing sugar. Cook for 3 minutes. Then, add 70 ml of water and cook for more 5 minutes. Then, place your strawberries into the blender and blitz. Remove the seeds with a sieve.
  2. Take 200 ml of cream and whisk to make nice soft peaks.
  3. Then, take 100 g of meringue and crush it with your finger into the cream. You can good quality shop bought meringue.
  4. Place the rest 150 g of strawberries into the cream mixture and fold the strawberries in really gently.
  5. Add 3 tablespoons of strawberry coulis.
  6. Then, freeze your dessert by taking the bowl and placing the cling film in it. Then, put the meringue mixture into the bowl and cover with the rest of the cling film. Put your Mess Bombe into the freezer for an hour.
  7. To remove your Mess Bombe, simply place the bottom of the bowl under hot water. Place Eton Mess Bombe on the serving plate and pour the rest of strawberry coulis over it. This incredible dessert can be served for your Thanksgiving dinner and will bring joy to all of your family.

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